Disclaimer: This clock uses the Goldberg Style calendar.

As of February 21st 2018 (in IRL time), the APSIA year was moved back by 20 to reflect a correction to an intentional meddling with the old calendar by Pope Benedict VII in the year 980. This means that all RP posts before 2/21/2018 IRL should have 20 years subtracted from the date (i.e. a post with the date May 10 2038 [BS]* would be May 10 2018 [GS]). You do not need to edit the dates on all of your posts and it will be assumed that all posts made before 2/21/2018 IRL used the old style for their dates.

Disclaimer: this clock is based off of your system's clock. Check if your computer's clock is right.

The old calendar can be found here.

*[BS] means "Benedict Style" (referring to Pope Benedict VII, who added 20 years to the clock in the year 980). [GS] refers to "Goldberg Style" (referring to the corrected calendar, which is just BS minus 20 years.)